It was a hectic week for Donald Trump’s legal defense, which has been particularly focused on defending Trump from the Mueller probe. After Trump’s lead counsel on that legal defense team resigned his position the search began for a new lawyer willing to step into the spotlight and to defend Trump.


When questioned on his departure Trump’s previous attorney, John Dowd, had this to say:

“I love the president, I wish him the best of luck. I think he has a really good case.”

At the moment no one is certain why Dowd actually chose to bow out but his tenure on the Trump team was far from controversy-free. Dowd previously came under fire after being overhead discussing Trump’s legal defense strategy during lunch at a DC steakhouse. More seriously back in December when Trump, via Twitter, claimed he fired Micheal Flynn for lying to the FBI – which was widely considered obstruction of justice due to Trump’s attempt to influence Comey to not pursue Flynn – Dowd came to Trump’s defense claiming he had actually written the Tweet and had gotten his facts mixed up.

The incident was so serious it resulted in Trump firing off more Tweets in advocacy of his own defense.

And then another pointing blame at Clinton for allegedly breaking the law in a worse way.

Dowd’s statement, which of course raises questions as to why he would leave if Trump had such a strong case, was given to the New York Times. This isn’t the first instance of volatility within Trump’s legal team though. Earlier in the week rumors broke about Trump potentially firing his legal counsel Ty Cobb, but Trump took to Twitter to dispel the rumors.

Additionally, Trump’s legal team faces a much larger problem than mere volatility as they seem to be unable to select a new lead counsel for the President’s legal defense. This isn’t the first time Trump’s legal defense has had the issue either if you recall Trump originally put lawyer Mark Kasowitz in charge of his defense. Kasowitz’s tenure was short-lived as he lasted only about two months in the role.

Trump’s search thus far for the man to lead his legal defense team has led him to two primary candidates Emmet Flood and Ted Olsen. While Flood is famous for representing Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceedings Olsen is known for overturning Calfornia’s same-sex marriage ban. Both mainstream lawyers could provide help to the President but their body of work appears to be in direct contrast to Trump’s agenda.

It is currently still unclear as to who will take the reigns of Trump’s defense as many candidates are publicly distancing themselves.


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