Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump promised that he was going to build a “big, beautiful” wall on the Mexican border, and that Mexico was going to pay for it. In response, Former Mexican President Vincent Fox said that Mexico would not “pay for that f*cking wall.” And they’ve held onto that promise, and so far, Trump hasn’t been able to convince legislators to add the wall to the budget.


Now Trump is looking for other ways to swindle Americans into paying for the $25 billion wall. Last week, the White House announced Trump’s policy to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military, claiming that the military couldn’t afford their treatment. But as the Inquisitr noted, Trump could cover the annual medical costs for transgender soldiers by skipping one Mar-a-Lago trip per year. And denying transgender citizens from serving won’t be enough to cover the cost of the wall. So, Trump has another plan.

According to the Washington Post, Trump wants the military to pay the $25 billion. He’s been meeting with congressional leaders and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) to try and make this happen.

This also answers the cryptic “M” that Trump tweeted on Sunday:

Two advisers confirmed to the Post that the “M” didn’t stand for Mexico, but for “military.” And because Trump doesn’t understand how the government works, he didn’t realize that to reallocate military funding would take an act of Congress.


His proposal isn’t going to go over well with anyone. Already, almost two-thirds of Americans oppose the border wall, but the move could isolate more of his base, who claim to support the military more than anything else.

Trump hasn’t shown much respect for the military so far either, despite his attacks on the NFL, claiming that they were disrespecting troops every time they took a knee during the national anthem, and his desire for a military parade, which he says is to honor the military. He’s ignored the deaths of armed service members, failed to protect military pay when the GOP forced a shutdown, and allows Veteran Affairs Director Rober Shulkin to poorly run the agency while using its budget for personal travel.

Even when he tries to do what he’s supposed to, like console a Gold Star widow, he can’t get that right. When Sgt. La David Johnson died in combat, he called his wife Myeshia and said “he knew what he signed up for,” and couldn’t even remember her husband’s name. He even told her he had her “husband’s report in front of him.” Trump responded by attacking her on Twitter:


Now Trump wants to further the insult the military and take $25 billion from them in order to build his useless wall.



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