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Married Republican Lawmaker Had Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl And Made Her Sign A ‘Sex Contact’


Jon Landry is a 42-year-old Republican city council member from Connecticut. Landry has been married to his wife for 17 years. The couple has two daughters. Landry is also a pedophile. A decade ago, Landry posed as a 17-year-old boy named Jason Davis who lived with his parents. He began talking to a then 12-year-old girl on AOL instant messenger.

Landry communicated with the girl, grooming her, for four years until she reached the age of consent in Connecticut, which is 16. At that time the two met in person. Landry made the girl sign a 4-page sex contract that detailed their “friends with sexual benefits” relationship.

Police became aware of the relationship between Davis and the now 22-year-old young woman when she sought help after being harassed over text by a woman named Jessica Munroe. The victim said that Munroe was threatening her and trying to coerce her into having sex with Davis (Landry) after Davis (Landry) and the victim had an argument about their sex contract.

It was the report about the harassment from Munroe that revealed Landry was Davis and had been engaging in a predatory sexual relationship with the victim for years. Text message between the victim and Landry in August show Landry telling the victim that she could buy her way out of the sex contract for $500. She later said that she had sex with Landry days after that text message in the parking lot of a Toys R Us in West Hartford.


Texts also show Landry threatening to contact her school if she refused to have sex with him. Landry has been arrested but since the victim was over the legal age of consent in Connecticut at the time Landry first had sex with her, he has not been charged with any sex-related crimes.

Instead, he has been charged with harassment and interfering with police. Landry resigned his position on the Farmington Town Council in January when police began investigating his abhorrent criminal behavior.

Landry denies any wrongdoing.

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