After the February mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the student survivors began to call for gun reform, and millions of Americans are listening. As the popularity of their message grows, the conservatives, backed by the National Rifle Association, are panicking. Many of them have started attacking the teenagers for speaking up, even going as far as saying that they have no right to make their voices heard.


Of all the teenage students, the one who has been ridiculed the most is David Hogg. But the most disgusting attack on Hogg came from Jamie Allman, a pro-Trump radio host who works for Sinclair Broadcast Group, the media network that is trying to buy their way into 80 percent of all local news and spread Trump propaganda.

Allman sent a tweet on March 26, fantasizing about violently raping Hogg with a “hot poker.”

After the backlash that he received, Allman set his Twitter to private, but that didn’t stop people from starting a #Jamieallman hashtag, calling out his advertisers and his network.

Source: Truth Examiner

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