As if there aren’t bigger issues at hand when it comes to United States affairs, apparently Republican Rep. Dan Donovan of New York has drafted legislation that would require that official portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence be displayed side-by-side in post offices of the U.S. Postal Service.


The legislation was reportedly drafted after a Staten Island resident made Donovan aware of a local post office that had photographs of former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden but not photos of the current president and vice president.

Unsurprisingly, many Americans see this as an irresponsible, immature, and absurdly wasteful. The Twitterverse was ablaze with critiques about just how ridiculous the proposed legislation is.

Beyond wasting resources, legislation of this sort reeks of the dictatorial and propagandizing nature for which this administration has become infamous. For Americans particularly aware of the magnitude of mandates of this sort, this is not just a ridiculous proposal, but also inherently dangerous.

When government officials try to introduce trivial legislation instead of focusing on the legitimate needs of citizens, Americans suffer as a result. With a plethora of real and present issues at hand across the country, it would be laughable to see a bill of this sort passed. That is, if it weren’t so terrifying.

It’s not exactly clear as to why Donovan thinks that proposing this bill is a good use of time, energy or tax dollars. Perhaps it’s because he’s in a contentious race with former Rep. Michael Grimm who, after serving an 8-month sentence for tax fraud, is dipping his feet back in the political pond.

Donovan may be using any means he can think of to get ahead, as Grimm still has a legion of supporters. And if this legislative measure wins the attention and appreciation of President Trump — and his ego — it could be a huge boost for Rep. Donovan’s re-election campaign efforts.

No matter what the exact reason(s) may be for proposing legislation that would make Trump and Pence’s photographs required at post offices, it’s transparent that it’s motivated by political and social climbing.



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