A fire broke out in Trump Tower on Saturday, taking the life of a resident. This loss is a tragedy, but the preventability of it makes it even worse. Todd Brassner, 67, died over the weekend due to President Trump refusing to put a safe sprinkler system in his New York City skyscraper. However, despite being one of President Trump’s properties, the story was largely ignored by news outlets.


Of course in Trump’s world, everything was just fine:

In the 90s, when the president Trump was still just a businessman, albeit very rich and powerful, he decided he did not want to have to pay for expensive sprinkler systems on residential floors of Trump Tower. Because sprinklers are an excellent way to quell fires, especially ones too large to be handled by a single fire extinguisher, Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York City at the time and a friend of Trump’s, was pushing for legislation that would require sprinklers in buildings. Trump was angered by this legislation and claimed that it would have been too expensive to have sprinkler systems installed throughout the whole building. He worked with multiple city council members to block any such legislation and managed to kill the bill. As a result, there were no sprinklers in place to stop the fire on Saturday, and Brassner died in the flames.

Although major news stations steamrolled over this story, Twitter maintained its relentless nature. While Trump continues to fill his followers’ timelines with tweets about Hillary Clinton instead of offering condolences to Brassner’s family, Twitter users weren’t going to let Brassner’s death be forgotten and tweeted responses at Trump. Take a look:

Source: Truth Examiner

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