While many conservatives were bothered by the March for Our Lives over the weekend, Televangelist Frances Swaggart’s criticism was extremely harsh. The wife of Jimmy Swaggart suggested that the students and participants in the march were like “demonic” Nazis and Hitler himself.


On Frances & Friends (not to be confused with Fox & Friends), Swaggart blasted the 800,000 people calling for gun control in Washington D.C.

“People have got to address the fact that kids today are being put in school where there’s no morals,” the television evangelist proclaimed. “Because we’ve taken God out of the school. And there’s no resistance then to anything that Satan throws these kids’ way.”

“Today’s gun control and confiscation rally was nothing new,” she added, reading from a paper a fellow panelist provided. “Nazis and leftists have been using children for decades in their attempts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.”

She then skewed history by suggesting it was gun owners, that Hitler persecuted. She didn’t even mention the Jews.

“Hitler’s regime took away guns from the people in Germany and then he herded all of those who did not like it into boxcars and shipped them to concentration camps where they were enslaved, beaten, raped and murdered,” she said. “The victims didn’t fire a shot in self-defense because their guns had been taken away. That’s a fact.”

“And that’s why evil people want to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens here in the United States of America,” she continued. “Everybody says, ‘Let’s get rid of the guns.’ It’s the worst decisions that could be ever made. Get rid of the guns. No! No! No! Put God back into the schools.”

She then suggested that schools shootings are just going to happen, and people shouldn’t get that upset over it.

“What happened with this last school and other schools that have shootings, this is going to happen,” she insisted. “And it causes the people to get upset and it causes the disturbances and then you have what we have had over the weekend.”

The argument that conservatives use, that Hitler took away his people’s guns, is actually historically inaccurate. At first, Hitler used the gun laws Germany already had to take away guns from his enemies. But that was quite ineffectual since not many guns were registered.

“In my records, I found many Jews who well into the late 1930s possessed guns,” said Dagmar Ellerbrock, an expert on German gun policies at the Dresden Technical University.

When this failed, the Nazi party imposed a new law in 1938 that loosened gun ownership rules. As Politifact reports:

It deregulated the buying and selling of rifles, shotguns and ammunition. It made handguns easier to own by allowing anyone with a hunting license to buy, sell or carry one at any time. (You didn’t need to be hunting.) It also extended the permit period from one year to three and gave local officials more discretion in letting people under 18 get a gun.

The only people weren’t allowed to buy guns with this new law were the Jews.

And these tactics have been used in the United States. After the Civil War, southern states passed laws, called “Black Codes,” to disarm and economically disable freed slaves and black citizens.

In the 1960’s, after the Black Panther Party allegedly invaded the California capitol building, then-Governor Ronald Reagan banned open carry with the Mulford Act. And the next year, President Nixon would ban “Saturday Night Specials,” cheaply-made handguns commonly used amongst minorities.

And it still happens today. The NRA probably supports the 2nd Amendment after children are murdered, but when Philando Castile, a black man with an open carry permit, was shot to death in his car despite clearly notifying the officer of his license, the organization went silent. But when Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old wealthy white man stockpiled 23 firearms and committed the worst mass shooting in US history, the NRA were out defending gun rights.

But hypocritically comparing the activists to Nazis wasn’t enough for one panelist, who said that it’s also communism and Satan that’s the problem.

“What they need to understand is that the real spirit behind it, it’s Nazism and communism,” he stated. “It’s Satanic, it’s demonic, it’s anti-God.”

It’s hard to understand how they can equate advocating for gun control “anti-God,” while normalizing mass shootings, especially in schools, as stuff that is just “going to happen.” The Bible doesn’t say anything about gun control or semi-automatic weapons because they didn’t exist at the time it was written. There are verses that discuss self-defense, and carrying a sword when needed, but anything beyond that is interpretation. The only way to find God mentioning guns is to add it to the scriptures.



Source: truthexam.com

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